Jokesta's Gunsmith Simulator

Jokesta's Gunsmith Simulator is a web app developed to make working with gunsmiths easier for those who play the Call of Duty Mobile game. Equipped with unique features that allow players select from a wide range of customization options, the Gunsmith Simulator comes as the first of its kind. Get right in and choose what kind of skills you want for your weapon! 

The Mission

The sole purpose of the project is to deliver knowledge concerning the gunsmith concept from the Call of Duty Mobile game, directly to players from around the world. 

Today, a large number of mobile game players from different gaming communities join the Call of Duty Mobile family. Jokesta's Gunsmith Simulator offers them the chance to easily understand Gunsmith and find the best attachments and gunsmith builds for weapons that uniquely fit their playstyle. Another good thing? OGs can use it too! 

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